Lesson 1 - Christ and the Bible (Complete Lesson)
Is all Scripture the inspired Word of God?
What does the Bible teach?
What is the difference between the Old and New Testaments?

Lesson 1 Review - Christ and the Bible
Lesson 2 - God and Creation (Complete Lesson)
Why did Jesus have to die?
Is conscience God given?
Does God change?

Lesson 2 Review - God and Creation
Lesson 3 - Angels and Sin (Complete Lesson)

Because God is love, can He overlook our sins?
How did Adam and Eve fall into sin?

Lesson 3 Review - Angels and Sin
Lessons 4 - Ten Commandments Part 1 (Complete Lesson)

Lessons 4 Review - Ten Commandments Part 1
Lessons 5 - Ten Commandments Part 2 (Complete Lesson)
Is Christianity only for good people?
What is the purpose of the Ten Commandments?

What is the Gospel message?

Lessons 5 Review - Ten Commandments Part 2
Lessons 6 - Jesus Christ Part 1 (Complete Lesson)

Lessons 6 Review - Jesus Christ Part 1

Lessons 7 - Jesus Christ Part 2 (Complete Lesson)

Why is Jesus named Jesus?
Why is Jesus called Christ?
Is Jesus both God and man in one person?
What does it mean that Jesus bought us for God?
How were people who were born before Jesus saved?
What is the humiliation and the exultation of Christ?
What moves Christians to tell people about Jesus?

Do Lutheran's pray to Mary?

Lessons 7 Review - Jesus Christ Part 2
Lessons 8 - The Holy Spirit (Complete Lesson)

What is the work of the Holy Spirit?
What does it mean to be spiritually dead?
Why is not everyone who hears the Gospel saved?

Lessons 8 Review - The Holy Spirit
Lesson 9- Justification (Complete Lesson)

What is the most important teaching of the Bible?
How does God forgive our sins?
What does it mean we are saved by faith not by works?
Can I, by "being good" help along in my salvation?
Can a believer in Christ be certain of salvation?
What does it mean to live by faith in Jesus Christ?

Lesson 9 Review - Justification
Lesson 10 - Baptism (Complete Lesson)

What is a sacrament?
What does it mean to baptize?
Should infants be baptized?
What is faith?
What is the relationship between Faith and Baptism?
Can you be saved without Baptism?
Should we make the sign of the cross?
What is so special about the water of Baptism?
Why should you remember your Baptism every day?
Why is it important to teach Christians after Baptism?

Lesson 10 Review - Baptism
Lesson 11 - The Lord's Supper (Complete Lesson)

What do we physically receive in the Lord's Supper?
Are the bread and wine really Jesus' body and blood?
How is the Passover related to the Lord's Supper?
Are the Bread and Wine merely symbols?
What does the "real presence" mean?
How should one prepare for the Lord's Supper?
What is close/closed communion?
What does it mean to have a childlike fatih?

Lesson 11 Review - The Lord's Supper
Lesson 12 - The Church (Complete Lesson)

What is the Church?
Does a Christian need to belong to a church?
What is the invisible church?
What about all the different denominations?
What does "catholic" mean?

Lesson 12 Review - The Church
Lesson 13 - Prayer (Complete Lesson)

What is pray?
Why should we not pray to Mary, the saints or the dead?
What should move us to pray?
How should we pray?
What is our ultimate prayer?
Does God really answer every true prayer?
The Lord's Prayer - Part 1
The Lord's Prayer - Part 2
The Lord's Prayer - Part 3

Lesson 13 Review - Prayer
Lesson 14 - The Last Things (Complete Lesson)

Is there life after death?
What happens when a believer dies?
Is there a purgatory?
What will happen at the end of time?
What will follow the resurrection of the dead?
What is heaven? Part 1
What is heaven? Part 2
What must be a Christian's goal in this world?

Lesson 14 Review - The Last Things
Lesson 15 - More Last Things/Review (Complete Lesson)

The Rapture and the Millennium Part 1
The Rapture and the Millennium Part 2
Different Millennial Views Part 1
Different Millennial Views Part 2
Different Millennial Views Part 3