Online Giving

Online Giving

A new way to give to Messiah Lutheran Church.

Give online through your checking or savings account.
This is an extention of Thrivent's Simply Giving auto-pay program with electronic funds transfer.

Ways to use:
1. Set up a weekly offering schedule that will be automatically withdrawn from your account.
2. Make a one-time offering if you miss church.
3. Give a special offering such as to the endowment fund, evangelism or missions.
4. A way for online website viewers to give.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we accept credit and debit cards via our website?
Not at this time. Checking and savings account auto-withdraw only.

Do donors get a receipt?
A confirmation page appears after a payment is submitted. An individual donor can print the confirmation page for proof of his or her donation. Also, an email confirmation can be sent if a donor provides a valid email address.

Can the Website Payment solution be used for both one-time and recurring transactions?
Yes. In addition to accepting one-time gifts and payments, you can offer a variety of recurring donation and payment frequencies.

What type of one-time, fixed-dollar transactions can we accept?
In addition to one-time gifts for specific funds, website payments can also be used for camps, workshops, classes, AIC DVDs or just about any other event or service.

Is Online Giving Secure?
Yes. The online giving web page is administered by Vanco Servies.
Vanco Services is a PCI (Payment Card Industry) Level 1 Compliant Service Provider which means your transactions are handled in accordance with the most rigorous security standards.